"Leah's talent is IMMENSE, and, coupled with the fact that she strives to understand what you want out of your photos, it means that you will get fabulous photos of the day." - Kristin, bride.

About me.


Weddings are incredible, awe-inspiring events. A day when two people make a life-long pledge to be together, and also a day where you are completely surrounded by the love and support of your friends & family. That much love in one space is a once in a lifetime occurrence and a true joy for me to capture. It is what inspired me to become a wedding photographer. Because the root of everything on your wedding day is love, and that is the good stuff in this world.



I've been photographing weddings for almost a decade all across the East Coast and Southeast. I split my time between Nashville and DC - two cities I love and that have shaped me into who I am today. I am originally a small town girl from southeastern Oklahoma - a place famous for its outlaw culture, its rich Native American history, and its tiny beautiful mountains. I spent most of my childhood playing the part of an explorer in the great outdoors and helping my family run our saddle shop. I've been taking photographs for most of my adult life and I love what I do.


As your photographer, my goal is:


+ to preserve the moments that fade too quickly

+ to document the generations of family by your side

+ to tell the story of all the roads that have led you here - your friendships, your experiences, your inside jokes that make each other laugh 

+ to capture just how stunning & in love the two of you are together


When I'm not behind the camera, you can usually find me in the garden, dreaming up my next vacation, exploring the outdoors with my hound pup Ruby, or silly dancing with my handsome husband.


I'm Leah Puttkammer and I would love to take your picture.






"If you'll walk across my camera,

I'll flash the world your story."

                              - Woody Guthrie

Leah Puttkammer of Gray Kammera Photography is professional wedding photographer in Nashville, TN. Gray Kammera Photography is happy to travel and will service your wedding anywhere your heart desires. Gray Kammera Photography specializes in capturing your most important moments to tell the story for years to come.